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End Of The Year Wind-Down

Mother and daughter rolling a dough

While the patient-facing eye care force is powering through their busiest time of year, the non-patient workforce is busy behind the scenes planning for 2023. On top of work we all have our personal lives, holiday planning, family obligations, inclement weather, kids on school break, you name it. Whatever role you are in, this time of year can be stressful.

So, to end the year on a high-note, appreciate some past highlights, or to get some inspiration for the new year, I’ve compiled a few things that I’ve found could be helpful:


If you went to an OWA event, or never have, you can revisit the fun via the photo galleries of OWA Events. From Expo East and West, Regional events, Anniversary and Awards events, these event photos go back to 2010! OWA events are a great way to meet other members, put a face to the name, and appreciate the connection we all gain from this amazing community of women!

Sweet Treats

The OWA’s Food For Thought videos are a fool-proof way for you to learn how to prepare a new dish. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite posts on their sweet treats that would be perfect for a holiday get together:


I LOVE the OWA’s One Minute Inspiration. The OMI’s are sent out twice a month, written by a wide variety of women, and are just that – a quick inspirational one minute read. Sometimes I find myself on the OMI page just reading away because they are so quick, easy, and inspirational! Check out the titles, or sort the One Minute Inspiration’s by category – when you login you can read them.

If you’d rather listen than read, revisit some of our previous inspiring OWA Talks Podcast episodes:

Need more inspiration? Stay tuned because the last blog post of the year will list the top 3 most read OWA articles of 2022!

Written by: Carissa Dunphy

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