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OWA Members at a conference

Women Leading Our Industry

This award provides a professional mentoring opportunity to reward those who have volunteered their time and efforts to help the OWA reach its goals, and to promote the founding principles of the organization: to connect, inspire, and lead future leaders.

Our Mission

First awarded in 2019, the OWA offers at least two Leadership Scholarships every year to OWA members. These scholarships are to be used for the professional and personal development of each recipient and are funded through the Individual Contributor Program donations. The purpose of the Leadership Scholarship is to provide a professional mentoring opportunity, reward those who have volunteered their time and efforts to help the OWA reach its goals, and to promote the founding principles of the organization: to connect, inspire, and lead future leaders.

Janna Neal at Brave Leadership

Past Honorees

Leadership Scholarship

"After reviewing many options, I selected a small group-intensive program called Executive Ahead of Time to continue growing my skills. This program was selected because it allowed me to further develop my executive thinking and communication skills, and it created a new network of successful women to learn and collaborate with during and after the program.

— Sandra Mohr


"I chose Kimberly Davis's Brave Leadership Masterclass. What drew me to this program was the ability to focus on what is naturally inside of us instead of trying to change who we are. Being brave means being our best, most authentic and powerful self."

— Kristin Hopper


"I chose Mosaic with my scholarship award. Mosaic focuses on leadership and managing change. That change is not just with teams and organizations, but also with your own mindset. This program really helped me focus a lot on taking a pause and really thinking about the intent of conversation and how to work with teams. I really hope to use this information and share it with all of you."

— Kylie Matia

2023 Leadership Scholarship Winners

Katherine Cruz, OWA Connection & Enrichment Committee (Silhouette)

Mary Lanning Jones, OWA Connection & Enrichment Committee (Zyloware)
Shelley Logan, OWA Membership Committee (WestGroupe)
Heather Bethel, Manager, Lens and Accessories Merchandising (National Vision)
Monica Chopra, Senior Business Data Analyst, VSP Vision
Reagan Colpitts, Senior Business Development Manager, N.A. Independent Channel (Safilo)
Liz Friedfeld, Head of Business Development (ClearVision)
Lila Hanish, Marketing Associate (Thelios)
April Hatten, Operations Manager/Eye Care Alliance (Essilor Instruments)
Kristen Lukacs, Creative Manager (Zyloware)
Carly Meyerson, Strategic Business Manager, U.S. Vision Care (Bausch+Lomb)
Stephanie McCoy, Senior Manager, EyeMed Provider Experience (EssilorLuxottica)
Tracy Neal, Director of Customer Support (GPN Technologies)
Dawna Owens, Sales Executive (Advancing Eyecare)
Lindsay Romah, Business Development Lead (EssilorLuxottica)


2022 Leadership Scholarship Winners
Carissa Dunphy, OWA Communications & Website Committee (PECAA)
Kerri Ann Raimo, OWA Digital Marketing Committee (PentaVision)
Jennifer Trakhtenberg, OWA Connection & Enrichment Committee (ClearVision Optical)
Shelley Brady, Regional Manager (Safilo)
Cara Endriss, Brand Marketing Director (National Vision)
Shweta Gupta, Senior Marketing Director (EssilorLuxottica)
Sarah Lovallo, Sales Manager (Essilor Instruments)
Cheryl Moore, Director of Human Resources (GPN Technologies)
JaMarie Pfaff, Account Manager (Zyloware)
Janie Schwartz, Trade Marketing Coordinator (Thelios)
Tatiana Stewart, Senior Public Relations Specialist (VSP Vision)


2021 Leadership Scholarship Winners
Dr. Beverly Bianes, OWA Events and Connection/Enrichment Committees (Pack & Bianes Vision Care)
Rachel Meyer, OWA Connection/Enrichment Committee (Eyefinity)
Dawn Alcorn, VP of Marketing & Development/Essilor Vision Foundation (Essilor)
Marilyn Bautista, Global Sales Operations & Logistics Manager (Zyloware)
Marie-Claude Boutin, National Sales & Marketing Director/Axis Medical in Canada (Essilor Instruments)
Carissa Enea, Sales Manager (Safilo)
Emilia Flamini, CFO Luxottica North America (Luxottica)
Melissa Gomez, Regional VP, Pacific Central (VSP)
Staci Johnson, Customer Success Coordinator (GPN Technologies)
Monica Wheelock, Senior Manager, Visual Merchandising (National Vision)


2020 Leadership Scholarship Winners
Stephanie Espinosa, "OWA Talks" Podcast Host
Sandra Mohr, "OWA Talks" Podcast Host
Courtney Myers, Vice Chair, OWA Events Committee
Jasmine Broussard, Senior Director, HR Business Partner, Essilor
Cathy Firman, Customer Care Assistant Manager, EdgePro/GPN
Kathie Sapnas, Regional Sales Manager, Luxottica
Kylie Matya, Sales Director/West, Safilo
Kristen Reynolds Hopper, State Optometric Assoc. Relationship Manager, VSP
Arlene Rinaldi, Product Development Coordinator, Zyloware

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