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Volunteer on OWA Committees

Catch the spirit of volunteerism


It will pay big dividends! If you are interested in joining a committee click on learn more to find out how you can help.

Communications & Website Committee

The Communications & Website Committee collaboratively works with the other committees of the OWA to create communication pieces for our organization. This is done in the form of our blog, annual review, member highlights and more! In addition, we help to support the OWA's webmaster in updating the website and tracking webpage and blog analytics for the OWA. If content creation, graphic design and interviewing are up your alley, join us!

Membership Committee

With a focus on increasing awareness and membership engagement with the OWA, the Membership Committee works to ensure the OWA remains a growing, vibrant group, passionate about enhancing and promoting the leadership role of women in the optical industry. Whether you have an interest in prospecting, regional events in the US or Canada, welcoming new members, helping engage with all different women in optical, or finding opportunities in data and analytics, there are many ways to engage with the Membership Committee and finding new ways to keep our membership coming back for more.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for the marque OWA events held during the annual VEE and VEW trade shows. Our event team ensures that every aspect of the experience is thoughtfully created to put the OWA front and center. If you are interested in developing interactive networking experiences, dynamic presentations, and dazzling awards events, click here to learn more.

Digital Marketing Committee

The Digital Marketing Committee (DMC) collaborates with other OWA committees to create a social media strategy for the organization. Our goal is to create awareness and exposure for the OWA on social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to highlight the benefits of joining this amazing group of women. If social media, graphic design, and content creation are up your alley, click here to learn more. 

Nominating Committee

The right leadership can make or break a group, particularly one that is made up solely of volunteers. The Nominating Committee thoughtfully considers each nomination for board positions and encourages members to take a more active role in the directing of the OWA by accepting leadership positions.

The Nominating Committee is by invitation only.

Professional Development Fund Committee

The PDF committee ensures the future of the OWA by building partnerships with generous benefactors and creating the blueprint for the financial growth of the OWA.

The PDF Committee is by invitation only.

Connection and Enrichment Committee

The Connection and Enrichment committee, is a group of diverse women who work together to bring programs that connect and enrich our members both personally and professionally. Programs include Fireside Chats, One-Minute Inspirations, OWA Talks, and the Leadership Scholarship Program.

International Expansion Committee

This new committee is under development.

Can't join a committee? Contribute to the OWA a different way!

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