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2022 OWA Committee Outlook

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To assist in renewing connections, making new connections, and personal growth we asked each committee for a summary of what they are planning for 2022. One of the easiest and best ways to get more out of your OWA membership is to join a committee! Volunteering with a committee will help you grow your network and flex some new skills. See what’s in store across the OWA this year.

Communications and Website Committee is responsible for the new OWA blog. We’ll be working hard this year to deliver more content, more often, to our members and the industry as a whole. Whether we’re recapping recent OWA events or sharing stories of inspiration you’ll find it all here on the blog. 

Connection & Enrichment Committee recently released a survey asking for your input. Results from the survey will help drive the direction for our Advisory Groups, quarterly virtual events, OWA Talks, and so much more. 

Digital Marketing Committee is actively recruiting for additional members (3 of the current committee members are having babies in 2022)! Congratulations!

New committee members could assist in activities like:

  1. Deep diving into the analytics of what has been working for social media to assist in planning higher engaging posts

  2. Working with sponsorship committee to ensure we are providing value for sponsor companies with sponsored social posts

  3. Collaboration with communications committee to create social media highlighting the new blog content

  4. Communications strategy and overview

  5. Proactive planning for large events at Vision Expo with boosted social media and targeted social ads 

Events Committee is hard at work, planning the upcoming Champagne Breakfast in-person at Vision Expo East to recognize our 2022 award honorees. Prior attendees list this event as a MUST attend! This committee is also paving the way with a virtual International Women’s Day event, and planning for Vision Expo West events including the Connection Series Lunch and Annual Raffle. 

Membership Committee is committed to holding 24 Regional events in 2022 to spread the good word about all the benefits of Membership in the OWA! These events post to our website as they are confirmed throughout the year and they are slotted to be both virtual and live formats. 

A special effort is being made this year to meet and engage with more Optometry Students and Opticians! 

Nominating Committee is always tirelessly working to build the industry’s brightest and strongest board possible to continue the growth and integrity of the OWA.  Interested in the path to OWA leadership? We will be sharing an article sharing insight in a future blog post.

Professional Development Fund committee continues to nurture relationships with our valued sponsors. With the support of the OWA Sponsor Ambassadors, the committee is able to drive member growth and maximize sponsor value through increased benefit utilization.

Learn more about joining any of the OWA Committees here

Written by: Yvette Carranza

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