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2017 OWA Committees

Do you want to . . .

  • Meet new people?
  • Expand your network?
  • Share ideas and broaden your horizons?

We have just the thing for you . . . VOLUNTEER! Become an OWA insider by joining a committee.

There is a place for you on these committees:

  • Program Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Mentoring Committee
  • Digital Marketing Committee
  • Website Design Committee
  • Professional Development Fund Committee
  • Nominating Committee

Catch the spirit of volunteerism — it will pay big dividends! To express interest in a committee, update your profile and check the appropriate box(es) under Committee Interest.

If you are an OWA member and wish to contact a Committee Chair, please login in order to view their email addresses. Otherwise, if you are not an OWA member and wish to contact a Committee Chair, please contact us so that we may handle your request.

Program Committee

If you love the networking socials and professional development seminars and want to keep these events packed with a wide variety of optical professionals, the Program Committee may be a good fit. The committee organizes networking events, Connection Series professional development seminars, and more, covering the logistics behind the planning of a successful event.

Co-Chair: Tiara Claxton (Safilo USA), 818-472-2200
Co-Chair: Laura Dorris (Vision West, Inc.), 858-432-5302

Program Committee Members

Marge Axelrad (Jobson Optical Group)
Debra Bulken (Luxottica)
Laura Dorris (Vision West, Inc.)
Ann E. Englert (Solutions)
Charlene Law (Shamir Insight)
Tara Mahvelati (SUNY College of Optometry)
Valerie Manso (Manso Management Resources, Inc.)
Angela McCoy (MyEyeDr.)
Courtney Myers (Havas PR)
Deborah Myres (Pacific Northern, Inc.)
Nancy Roellke (VSP Optics Group)
Diane Tiberio (Reed Exhibitions)
Dr. Ginamarie Wells (Cleinman Performance Partners)

Membership Committee

Do you want to be sure that the OWA remains a growing, vibrant group? The Membership Committee develops new ways to keep our membership coming back for more.

Co-Chair: Debra Bulken (Luxottica), 315-491-6271
Co-Chair: Lorinda Fraboni (Walman Optical), 612-520-6185

Membership Committee Members

Dawn Alcorn (Essilor Vision Foundation)
Marge Axelrad (Jobson Optical Group)
Michelle Brown (Walman)
Stacey Curcio (VSP Optics Group)
Debbie Fitzgibbons (Hilco)
Amy Ramnarine (Walman Optical)
Jean Sabre (Uptown Vision)

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee creates the OWA newsletters, communications pieces, and more. If you love to write, interview industry leaders, research relevant industry topics or have always wanted to try, this group may be great for you.

Chair: Maureen Cavanagh (Essilor of America), 617-429-4453

Vice Chair: Yvette Carranza (Digital Vision, Inc.), 503-231-6606

Vice Chair: Brandie Shaw, 516-712-4765

Communications Committee Members

Carrie Chambers (Eyefinity)
Kristan Gross (Vision Impact Institute)
Cara Kirman (Pennsylvania State University, Health Policy Admin)
Trinity Louis (University of Toledo)
Jessica Lutz (The Vision Council)
Courtney Myers (Havas PR)
Sabine Rentschar (VSP Optics Group)
Susan Tarrant (Eyecare Business)

Mentoring Committee

Perfect for those who like to share their knowledge and grow professionally from the professional insight provided by fellow members, the Mentoring Committee is always looking for help creating the One-Minute Mentor blasts.

Chair: Deborah Myres (Pacific Northern, Inc.), 972-512-9012

Mentoring Committee Members

Jessica Bellon (Luxottica Wholesale, N.A.)
Vanessa  Coady (VSP/Altair Eyewear)
Candice Davis (Eyefinity)
Jennifer Doell (VSP/Altair Eyewear)
Stephanie Dyer (Kenmark Eyewear)
Laura Lewis (MyEyeDr.)
Deborah Lochli McGrath (Altair/Marchon)
Cynthia McWilliams (Kenmark)
Rachel Meyer (Eyefinity)
Karen Michaelson (VISION EASE)
Emilene Rocha (Essilor of America Inc.)
Nancy Roellke (VSP Optics Group)
Elizabeth  VIckers (ClearVision Optical)

Digital Marketing Committee

Do you speak marketing, branding, and social media? Think you can apply your marketing prowess and help the OWA make an even bigger mark on the industry? If so, the Digital Marketing Committee is calling your name. This committee is charged with infusing new excitement into the overall online presence of the OWA, and keeping that excitement alive throughout the year. The goal is to make sure that everyone that interacts with the OWA online gets a real feel for what the association is about and why they should get involved.

Co-Chair: Robyn Crimmins (VSP Optics Group), 916-851-5154
Co-Chair: Janet L. Johnson (Ocuco Inc.), 813-235-4006

Digital Marketing Committee Members

Laura Dorris (Vision West, Inc.)
Angelina Fifer (VSP Global)
Alysia Gradney (Vision Source)
Michelle Hamm (VSP Global)
Cara Kirman (Pennsylvania State University, Health Policy Admin)
Julie Lugo (VSP )
Ashley Mills (The Vision Council)
Erinn Morgan (Eyecare Business)
Diane Vaccaro (MyEyeDr.)

Website Design Committee

Chair: Laura Dorris (Vision West, Inc.), 858-432-5302

Vice Chair: Janelle Pauli (VisionWeb), 512-241-8603

Website Design Committee Members

Alysia Gradney (Vision Source)
Terri Ossi Hannah (Costa Sunglasses)

Professional Development Fund Committee

This committee ensures the future of the OWA by building partnerships with generous benefactors and creating the blueprint for the financial growth of the OWA.

Co-Chair: Lorie L. Lippiatt, OD (The Salem Eyecare Center, Inc.), 330-332-2080
Co-Chair: Jean Sabre (Uptown Vision), 612-.82-2.5844

Vice Chair: Sue Downes (MyEyeDr.), 703-847-8866

Professional Development Fund Committee Members

Pamela Capaldi (Brien Holden Vision Institute)
Ann E. Englert (Solutions)
Sherrie Rogerson (Eyewear Designs LTD)

Nominating Committee

The right leadership can make or break a group, particularly one that is made up solely of volunteers. The Nominating Committee thoughtfully considers each nomination for board positions and encourages members to take a more active role in the directing of the OWA by accepting leadership positions.

Chair: Robyn Crimmins (VSP Optics Group), 916-851-5154

Vice Chair: Ann E. Englert (Solutions), 850-890-0553

Nominating Committee Members

Marge Axelrad (Jobson Optical Group)
Corinne McCormack (Corinne McCormack, Inc.)
Danne Ventura (Essilor of America, Lens Division)
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