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What I Love About OWA

I love the women I've had the opportunity to work with from all walks of life in optical. Regardless of our backgrounds, or even that sometimes we compete in business, all of that goes to the wayside and we work for the common good of the OWA. We have the same passion and drive to position the OWA so it has the biggest outreach and impact for all women in optical. The men and companies who support the OWA over the years have been incredible resources to help us grow and fund our efforts to help women develop and attain leadership positions. The "coming together for the greater good" is what I love most about the OWA and the women I work with who I respect and who have become my lifelong friends.

— Lorinda Fraboni

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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

President's Letter, Vision Expo Recaps, Optometric Management, One-Minute Mentor Articles Needed, and 78 New Members

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Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks is a fresh and provocative webinar series for OWA members from the Mentoring Committee featuring savvy female leaders dishing on trending topics that matter to you. Mark your calendars for our next Tuesday Talk with Gilda Mehraban: Navigating (Inevitable) Change on the 1st Tuesday of June — June 5.

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One-Minute Mentor

One Minute Mentor

Friends Forever — Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Friends forever seems like a bold statement, but I have had the pleasure of witnessing this happen. In kindergarten, a group of girls met and became friends.

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