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Executive Committee / Officers

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Executive Committee

Maureen Cavanagh

Maureen Cavanagh

OWA Member Since: 2006
Board / Committee Position: President
Company: Essilor
What I Love About OWA: Throughout my entire career, I have always made an effort to encourage women to achieve their full potential. And now, as OWA president, it is truly a privilege and honor to represent women within the optical industry. There are a tremendous number of women who are inspired, motivated and touched everyday by the exceptional initiatives of the OWA, and we are all united in our approach to foster an association which provides support and guidance to such an outstanding group of distinguished women.
Tiara Claxton

Tiara Claxton

OWA Member Since: 2010
Board / Committee Position: Vice President, Program Committee Co-Chair
Company: Safilo USA
What I Love About OWA: I am dedicated to this organization purely for what we support; "To enhance and promote the leadership role of women in the optical industry through networking, education and peer support." I love working along side, connecting and networking with like-minded individuals!
Jean Sabre

Jean Sabre

OWA Member Since: 2004
Board / Committee Position: Secretary / Treasurer, PDF (Professional Development Fund) Committee Co-Chair
Company: Uptown Vision
What I Love About OWA: What I love most are the incredible women that I have got to meet, that now I can call friend. So amazing!

Board of Directors

Debra Bulken

Debra Bulken

OWA Member Since: 2011
Board / Committee Position: Director, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Company: Luxottica
What I Love About OWA: I love having the opportunity to engage with likeminded women, who see the potential in ALL women in our industry, to engage through continuous learning and networking to become the best leaders they can be!
Robyn Crimmins

Robyn Crimmins

OWA Member Since: 2016
Board / Committee Position: Digital Marketing Committee Co-Chair, Nominating Committee Co-Chair
Company: VSP Optics Group
What I Love About OWA: The opportunity to connect, share, and learn from the talented women in our industry!
Laura Dorris

Laura Dorris

OWA Member Since: 2013
Board / Committee Position: Program Committee Co-Chair
Company: Vision West
What I Love About OWA: I truly enjoy being part of OWA and meeting so many wonderful people who are passionate about the mission and goals of OWA to connect, inspire, lead and promote women in leadership in our industry. There are many resources OWA makes available for women- no matter the size of the company you work for, or where you are in your career path. Iron sharpens iron and the encouragement and influence you can receive and provide is so meaningful.
Lorinda Fraboni

Lorinda Fraboni

OWA Member Since: 1997
Board / Committee Position: Director, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Company: Walman Optical
What I Love About OWA: I love the women I've had the opportunity to work with from all walks of life in optical. Regardless of our backgrounds, or even that sometimes we compete in business, all of that goes to the wayside and we work for the common good of the OWA. We have the same passion and drive to position the OWA so it has the biggest outreach and impact for all women in optical. The men and companies who support the OWA over the years have been incredible resources to help us grow and fund our efforts to help women develop and attain leadership positions. The "coming together for the greater good" is what I love most about the OWA and the women I work with who I respect and who have become my lifelong friends.
Janet Johnson

Janet L. Johnson

OWA Member Since: 2007
Board / Committee Position: Digital Marketing Co-Chair
Company: Ocuco Inc.
What I Love About OWA: "Comradery" is the word that comes to mind immediately. The OWA's steadfast roots (Connect — Inspire — Lead) shine through in every event I've been a part of.
Lorie Lippiatt

Lorie L. Lippiatt, OD

OWA Member Since: 2004
Board / Committee Position: Chair, PDF (Professional Development Fund) Committee
Company: The Salem Eyecare Center, Inc.
What I Love About OWA: I love being part of an organization that promotes the leadership roles of women in Optical. As President of a small female-dominated business, I enjoy and utilize the resources the OWA provides in my own company.
Deborah Myres

Deborah Myres

OWA Member Since: 2009
Board / Committee Position: Mentoring Committee Co-Chair
Company: Pacific Northern, Inc.
What I Love About OWA: I love that the OWA is a networking group for woman that reaches to all areas of business in the Optical Industry. With contagious enthusiasm, this group is all about helping others — connect , inspire and lead thru so many different programs. It is an exciting time to see the growth and continued development of an amazing group of women.

All terms are 2-year terms effective September through August.


Dave Beebe

Dave Beebe

Board / Committee Position: Executive Director
Company: Madeleine Crouch & Co.
Carol Wilbur

Carol Wilbur

Board / Committee Position: Associate Executive Director
Company: Madeleine Crouch & Co.

Past OWA Presidents

2015-2016 Heather Smith (VisionWeb)
2013-2015 Christie Walker (Jobson Optical Group)
2011-2013 Ann E. Englert (Solutions)
2009-2011 Laurie Badone (Carl Zeiss Vision Inc.)
2007-2009 Grady Culbreth (Grady & Associates, Inc.)
2006-2007 Sherrie Rogerson (REM Eyewear)
2005-2006 Rene Soltis (Vision Council)
2004-2005 Corinne McCormack (FGXI, Corinne McCormack, Inc.)
2002-2004 Lorinda Fraboni (Walman Optical)
2000-2002 Co-President Marge Axelrad (Jobson Optical Group, founding member)
2000-2002 Co-President Jean Scott (Luxottica, founding member)
1997-2000 Linda Little (The Little Group, Founder of OWA)

Founding Board Members (September 1997)

President Linda Little (DAC Vision)
Co-Vice President Marge Axelrad (Vision Monday Group)
Co-Vice President Jean Scott (Luxottica Group)
Secretary-Treasurer Audrey Reed (Essilor)
Board of Directors Stephanie De Long (Eyecare Business)
Susan Elliot (Jobson)
Lorinda Fraboni (Walman Optical)
Sonja Hendriks (Optical Software)
Val Manso (Manso Management Resources)
Frances Nuelle (Eyewear Magazine)
Susan Polson (National Optronics)
Lisa Sarbach (consultant)
Christie Costanzo Walker (Frames Data)
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