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Individual Contributor Program

Individual Contributors

We Are Listening!

In response to many requests, the OWA is happy to announce that Individual Contributors can now support the Optical Women's Association!

An Individual can now show their support of the OWA's mission of enhancing and promoting the leadership role of women in the optical industry. We welcome everyone who would like to join in and engage in more active participation in the OWA to show your support as an Individual Contributor.

As an INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR you will receive these benefits:

Individual Contributor Application (Online)      Individual Contributor Application (Mail / Fax)

Individual Contributors

Contribution of: $750 to $1,000

Tiara Claxton — Southwest Regional Sales Manager, Thelios; President, OWA
James Shyer — Co-CEO, COO, Zyloware Eyewear

Contribution of: $500 to $749

James McGrann — Chairman & CEO, Healthy Eyes Advantage

Contribution of: $250 to $499

Artis Beatty — Chief Medical Officer, MyEyeDr.
Debra Bulken — Regional Sales Director, Luxottica
Maureen Cavanagh — Vice President, Essilor
Daniel Rostenne — CEO, EyeCarePro

Duration of Recognition

Contributions are made for one year. OWA is a 501(c)(6) membership organization. Contributions in this category are not tax deductible as a donation but may be considered a business expense. Consult your accountant.

Featured First Individual Contributor!

Just ask Ed Buffington why he supports the OWA. Ed has shown longtime support of the OWA through many fund and friend-raising events through the years. Ed is the inaugural Individual Contributor. Thank you Ed for your longstanding support and participation in the OWA. Your loyalty and enthusiasm have not gone unnoticed! Follow Ed's lead and fill out the form on the reverse side to become an Individual Contributor.

"I have been a big advocate for the OWA for many, many years! I have the utmost respect for the OWA leadership, their mission and the results they continually produce. Having attended many luncheons, meetings and other OWA events, the OWA empowers not only the active women members but all individuals associated with the OWA. I highly encourage everyone in the optical industry to attend, engage and join the OWA, it's worth your time and money!"
— Ed Buffington

Thank you for your confidence in the OWA and your belief in supporting
the advancement of women in the optical profession.