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OWA Mission

To enhance and promote the leadership role of women in the optical industry through networking, education, and peer support.

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About the OWA

Founded in 1997 as a non-profit, the Optical Women's Association is committed to supporting and promoting the professional development of women involved in all facets of the optical industry. As the vision of the OWA evolves and expands, we maintain the focus of the OWA's founding principles and core mission.

What I Love About OWA

I love that the OWA is all about empowering women in the optical industry. I have personally experienced the many benefits that the OWA provides from networking events to opportunities to connect with like-minded women and other professionals in eye care. It is an organization focused on growing women in leadership roles and has brought together the leading executive women in our industry into one community.
— Trudi Charest

Our Work

We work diligently to create visibility throughout the eye care community in an effort to raise the level of awareness of the multi-faceted roles and contributions made by women in our industry. These efforts are supported by the programs offered by our organization, which include networking events, the annual award programs, our membership directory, professional optical women's workshops, webinars, and mentoring tools.

OWA: Celebrating All Women in Optical

Since 1997, the OWA has set the standard in the optical industry by intentionally connecting, inspiring, and leading women in their professional and personal development. With a mindset of inclusion and acceptance, the OWA actively welcomes all women in optical to become members and to take part in the creation of, and participation in, our resources, events, and programs. We invite members to openly share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. We encourage members to excel in their chosen way, and by actively welcoming and celebrating diversity and inclusion, we create space for growth and a richer experience for all.

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