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One-Minute Mentor - 10-02-2017 :

By: Rachel Meyer

(Keywords: Good Vibes)

In my life' s journey, there are magnificent days where I feel that I have a cape and tiara; hitting every goal and high-fiving myself all day long. And then there are those days where I feel the quicksand of defeat at every turn. You too? I am not surprised, as according to my circle of women friends we all move from victory to defeat on a regular basis. Victory brings the confidence that we can stand alone on any mountaintop; while defeat makes us go running for that one person that just knows the right words to encourage us.

I have recently been following a couple of moms (who happen to be comediennes) who titled their Facebook page imomsohard. They are a pair of thirty-something mothers with two small children each who record short videos about life as moms and business women (using their husbands as their technical support / videographers). As a career woman and a mother of two babies under two myself, their frank approach to talking about being moms and career women resonates with me. Although some of their content is raw, there is a comradery in hearing that we are all adventuring through life. Check them out for a great chuckle.

We commonly hear about competition among coworkers, in sports and in life overall. One of the most difficult competitions I see is within the Mom world, and with women in general. I was introduced to Sheryl Sandberg through the OWA membership book benefit a few years ago. Sheryl Sandberg is the current Chief Operating Officer at Facebook and has done an excellent job in creating where women all over the world congregate in LeanIn Circles to encourage and empower each other in our careers and lives. I love this concept of joining together to support one another!

So instead of imomsohard I propose we OWAsohard. Let s make it our mission to help each other get through the day, encourage others to hit those goals, and high five them when they do!

Rachel Meyer is Curriculum Instructor at Eyefinity and a member of the OWA Mentoring Committee. She can be reached at .

Inspirational Quote

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller