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One-Minute Mentor - 09-13-2017 :
Focus on Defining Yourself

By: Amy Robbins

"Once upon a time . . ."

As a child those words opened the world of imagination through fairy tales and other children's stories. I've always dreamt of creating and visualizing things that people appreciate and need. After close to twenty years of being in the eyewear industry I always felt that my job and title defined me. Now I can honestly say that it does not, and it actually should not.

At the start of this year I was sitting in a sports brand meeting with a group of men who are all action sports aficionados. One of the senior executives made a statement, "If you don't live and breathe this lifestyle, you should not be working on the brand." (Those of you who keep tabs — not too long ago I wrote an article about embracing the move from fashion to sport.) Needless to say, that statement hit me pretty hard, and after the meeting I felt that no matter what I did, this man will always see me as the fashion girl who does not fit in on his team.

As many of us do, we work on multiple brands where we do not necessarily follow the lifestyle. At the end of the day, it is a job and we are viewed as experts in our field. You apply to work for a company that shares the same values as you do and hopefully believe in. With that said, my two cents for all of you listening — Believe in something you love, and strive for greatness in all aspects of your life! Try not to get so stuck on the day-to-day; instead, work on what defines you as a whole.

Amy Robbins is Director of Product Development at Marchon Eyewear. She can be reached at .

Inspirational Quote

Two very relevant inspirational quotes that are quite fitting —

"You sometimes forget when you're older to keep dreaming."

Angela Ahrendts

"To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often."

Winston Churchill