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One-Minute Mentor - 06-15-2017 :
Take a Bow — For You

By: Melissa Veeser

(Keywords: Good Vibes, Personal Brand)

I believe most people have a deep, inherent desire to help and assist others in their journey of growth and self-empowerment. Heart calls us. This beautiful basic instinct is at the core of humanity. Personal and professionally. We "show up" and "show how".

I also believe our soul guides and nudges us. "Shows up" for us. When we notice these nudges, we feel lighter, energetic, peace and strength. We want others to experience this too. This growth of gratitude feels great, surely everyone wants this too?

You start bending again . . .

You are at the next "level" of learning and accepting what "is". You are now past that old, fear-based hurdle which was strategically placed, and perhaps reintroduced throughout your life. Over, and over . . .

This is your own personal "Soul Growth" moment. Perhaps the desire and need we have to bring others along with us during these great moments: aren't for or about them. They have their own journey — and they alone are responsible for it. Really hard not to bend more . . . .

No, these gifts of epiphanies are yours to savor, enjoy, and embrace. Sometimes the best "teachers" are those that are "stuck" and "unbendable" and difficult at times. They can teach us to let go and reassess our own needs, direction, and life — purposes. Enjoy our "Aha!" moment, these guided "shoulder taps". They are ours. Personal, specific, and purposeful. Fabulous, sacred gifts.

Allow yourself to not always "bend" toward another or situation that is not yours to bend to. It's theirs, move on. Realizing that you do show up and knowing when to "bow out" — versus bending more . . . this is growth and freedom for you and them.

Enjoy being the magnificent person that you are. Remember to give to yourself. Sometimes, (okay . . . a lot of times), I have difficulty with this. I recall a great story Wayne Dyer shared about the person who wanted to help the butterfly struggling to release itself from the cocoon faster. He helped "release" it sooner so it would not have to struggle so much . . . only to realize what his deed with good intention had done. The butterfly hadn't fully developed and was "crippled." He could not spread his wings, he was permanently damaged. He later learned that it was in those last few moments of the chrysalis process — were the most critical to becoming it's final beautiful self. During those moments of "struggle" — the butterfly pushes the fluids out, enabling it to "wing" and be fully developed. He learned "doing for" as he did, hurt instead of helped. This story helps me "step back" and reminds me to "bow" versus "bend". It serves no one and can be detrimental for their soul's growth. (This helps me to "check" myself when I have doubts or am unsure).

I encourage you to allow yourself permission to say: This one is about me . . . my journey . . . my "moment of growth". Smile and step into your next level.

You are beautiful and deserving — so take a bow today — for you!

Melissa Veeser is owner of Jeanie Premium Products, Inc. and a member of the OWA Mentoring Committee. She is a best-selling author and is working on Volume 2 of Heart Hero — a series of "hope and healing" children's books. She can be reached at: .

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"The truth about the world, ourselves, life purpose — it all comes down to healing."

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