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OWA Talks Podcast: Chats Featuring Influential Optical Leaders

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Each month brings a new guest along with insights and stories on trending topics that matter. The OWA Talks Podcast, created in 2020, is hosted by Sandra Mohr and Stephanie Espinosa. If you have not yet listed to an episode I would highly recommend it!

Listen to the most recent episode on the OWA Talks Podcast homepage or browse past episodes to find one that you would find interesting: OWA Talks Podcast Episodes: 2022, 2021, 2020.

A bit about the hosts:

Sandra Mohr

Sandra Mohr currently serves as the Dean of Academic Resources and Administration at the New England College of Optometry. She is known for being a change agent in higher education institutions through engaging multiple stakeholders and investing in modern learning environments for the 21st century. She has proven talent for aligning institutional strategy and objectives with established departmental paradigms to achieve maximum faculty and student success. Sandra has earned a doctorate degree in Global Educational Leadership from Lamar University, a master’s degree in Higher Educational Leadership and Administration from West Virginia University, and a master’s degree in Counseling and bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California University of PA.

Stephanie Espinosa

Stephanie was thrown into the optical world 5 years ago when she started at a small private practice as a front desk receptionist. Having no knowledge of anything optical besides “having a lot of astigmatism,” she spent her time learning the ins and outs of the optical practice. Within a year, she passed her ABOC and was a full-time optician. After a brief stint at a corporate store, she joined Shamir in 2018 as an Account Executive in Southern California. During that time she spent her days meeting new doctors and optical staff and helping grow practices and train about product. After making the decision to go back to school, she is now back to being an optician and helping patients see once again. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her 4 kids and running a podcast with her best friend, Maddie. “I am so excited to take Tuesday Talks to the podcast format and help reach even more women in the optical industry!

Use these links to subscribe to the OWA Talks Podcast:

  1. iTunes — use this link if you want to listen to the latest episodes on your Apple device.

  2. Google Play — use this link if you’re on an Android device and want to listen.

  3. Buzzsprout — you can stream episodes of the podcast on your browser.

  4. RSS Feed — want to subscribe using some other podcast program / device? Use this link to get the RSS Feed.

Written by: Carissa Dunphy

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