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OWA’s Health and Wellness Corner: Part I

OWA's Guide To Health and Wellness

If you are like me, you are busy and bogged down by the day-to-day pace. There is always SO much information around us, it has me thinking what is the BEST way to take care of me? I went on a journey almost one year ago to sync my mind, body, and spirit. It didn’t happen overnight but thinking back on this transformation I thought I would share with the OWA ladies.

Each month I aim to give tidbits and insight on tangible ways that will help you fuel yourself – if you give them a chance. Don’t look at it as ONE more thing – think of it to fill your cup. You can’t keep pouring from empty- what we put into our mind and bodies we become. Each month I will give:

  1. O-ne minute mindset: a quote to ponder, an encouraging story, or just some words of wisdom. This is meant to be put somewhere in your calendar that you can look back and use it to set the tone of your week!

  2. W-alk through your month: ideas in which you can fill your calendar with things that will enrich your physical, spiritual, and emotional health

  3. A-im to targets for the month: simple goals to set for your month.

I hope this encourages you and I look forward to hearing from you along the way! 

Written by Valerie Sink

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