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OWA is Back at In-Person Events!

OWA booth at event

Earlier this month I had the privilege of manning the OWA Table at a continuing education event in Seattle. I was looking forward to this day for a few reasons – one, it was the first in-person event that I would be attending in quite some time, and two, I was looking forward to representing the OWA and talking with prospective new members and seeing what they thought about the  organization.

While occupying the table during breaks in between courses, I remained busy with women who were interested in learning about the OWA. Some had heard of the OWA, some had not. Some had been meaning to join but hadn’t yet, and our presence had reminded them.

Nearly all of the women who stopped by started with, “Tell me about the OWA”, and all were surprised by the answer. When responding I tried to keep my answers somewhat brief but I found it difficult because of the variety the OWA offers. I am pretty sure I answered everybody a little differently in all of the benefits of being a member: from the book club to the podcast to the committees and the wide variety of positions members hold, and how that brings incredible networking opportunities both virtual and in person.

This event served as quite a refreshing reintroduction to attending in-person events. I encourage everyone to see what events (in person or virtual) are coming up, both with the OWA or otherwise, and remind yourself too.

Thank you to Walman Optical for letting the OWA participate in your Walman University Seattle Event! The OWA also had a second table at the Walman University in Bloomington, MN.

Written by: Carissa Dunphy

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