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National Sunglasses Day Is June 27!

Stylish sunglasses on a hanger

National Sunglasses Day is a day dedicated to the importance of eye protection and the style that sunglasses provide. Celebrated on June 27th every year, this day raises awareness about the benefits of wearing sunglasses and the importance of everyday eye care. This is a great time for ECPs to increase the capture rate of polarized sunwear and promote eye health.

Polarized sunglasses are beneficial for people who spend time in the car or outdoors, such as hikers, and beachgoers. However, the most forgotten category of people that benefit from polarized sunwear are contact lens wearers. Polarized sunglasses provide protection from harmful UV rays, which can cause damage to the eyes and lead to vision problems over time. I always say polarized sunglasses are sunscreen for your eyes!

Here are some ways your optical can increase the capture rate of polarized sunwear leveraging National Sunglasses Day:

Host An Event On National Sunglasses Day

Hosting an event, such as a trunk show, on National Sunglasses Day can create excitement and increase awareness about the importance of wearing sunglasses. You could offer discounts on polarized sunglasses, provide free eye exams, or simply provide some hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments for your patients while your vendors display their full lines!

Social Media And Marketing

The Vision Council has a ton of free marketing materials available on their website for use, to raise awareness about National Sunglasses Day. Encourage your patients (and staff) to participate and post on social media channels using the official hashtags, #SunglassesSelfie, #SolarFlair and #NationalSunglassesDay, and tagging @TheVisionCouncil. Creating a raffle to win a free pair of polarized sunglasses for those that post and tag your office is also a great way to get people excited.

Create A Sun Destination

Even when it’s not National Sunglasses Day, create a sun destination with a curated selection of sunglasses using a strategic placement of point-of-purchase displays and merchandising. Showcasing the benefits of polarized sunglasses is essential in getting your customer into the retail mindset and out of the patient mindset. Be sure to partner with your vendors to help merchandise and have the correct tools to demonstrate how polarized sunglasses reduce glare and improve vision. Stocking a variety of styles, colors, and brands to cater to different tastes and preferences ensures that your patients can choose a pair of sunglasses that not only provide protection but also compliment their style.

Capture Contact Lens Only Wearers

The creation of a sun destination can increase your capture rate overall, but especially with your contact lens patients. Did you know that somewhere around 70% of contact lens patients purchase a pair of polarized sunglasses between 24-48 hours after getting their prescription? 90% of these polarized sunglasses are not purchased from the three o’s channel due to not having the proper inventory on hand. Prescribing polarized sunglasses to contact lens wearers, talking about it at the hand-off, and offering a discount when a year supply is purchased is a way to increase revenue per patient as well as your capture rate.

In conclusion, National Sunglasses Day provides an opportunity for ECPs to increase their capture rate of polarized sunwear. By educating your patients about the benefits of polarized sunglasses, offering a wide range of styles, using technology to showcase the benefits, and/or hosting an event, you can promote eye health and increase revenue for your practice.

Article written by Lindsay Romah

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