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Get to Know Pyxis Honoree, Laura Dorris

Laura Doris and her family

Company: PECAA

Role: Executive Vice President & General Manager, Strategic Sales

Years with the OWA: 9

What does winning the Pyxis award mean to you? I am so honored to receive this award. I feel so inspired and grateful to be surrounded by countless amazing women in the OWA. That itself is such a gift, but to receive an award from these women I so look up to, just means so much.

What motivates you at work or on a personal level?

I love to help build relationships and support people. Family, friends, team members, and industry connections. I also love to learn and grow and strive to be a better version of myself with each passing year.

Also, my Fitbit! I find the reaching the daily step goal set is so satisfying and I so respond to the positive fireworks received when that happens! Making it a game and something measurable really works for me with goal setting in many areas.

What is one piece of advice you want women to hear?

I love to go back to the OWA “Power of One” campaign to invite one person. One person to join your team or group, be a guest at an event, sit at your table, or make an introduction. The concept is a transferable idea in so many areas of our lives. One phone call, one message, one invitation, one text can change someone’s day. In the world we live in today, the power of kindness and the impact we can each have to make a difference is significant!

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work? I love spending time with my husband and two grown daughters every chance I get. I love to travel, cook, enjoy walks with our family dog, read, and I am a huge movie lover. I also enjoyed being part of a rowing team pre-pandemic and hope to get back to that again this summer.

The OWA was able to celebrate all of our 2022 award winners at the Champagne Breakfast at Vision Expo East. If you couldn’tmake it, take a look at our photo gallery to relive the memories!

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