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Get to Know Emerging Leader Honoree, Katie Lauver

Katie Lauver and her family

Company: GPN Technologies

Role: VP of Business Relations

Years with the OWA: 4

How/why did you first get involved with the OWA? I got started with the OWA at VEE in 2018! I saw the sign up table outside of one of the events and thought, “why not!”  I had only been in my role in the corporate side of this industry for two years and was longing for connection, and really sisterhood in Optometry. I wanted to learn from the female leaders of this industry and I knew the OWA would be the perfect starting point for that! I have a special place in my heart for the OWA and value my membership greatly, as the comradeship and support I have gained from this group of empowered women, has been a huge blessing in my life.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work? Anything in nature! I love to hike, paddleboard, fish, and camp!

What does winning the Emerging Leader award mean to you? Winning the emerging new leader award means so much to me.  It represents my hard work and dedication to taking radical action in my career.

What motivates you at work or on a personal level?

The two things that motivate me the most are my son and seeing others succeed. I absolutely love helping others grow through inspiration and support. It literally lights me up to help people see their full potential. We live in a world where self-doubt and a limiting mindset is common and it’s easy to get down on yourself or think that you’re not worthy of having everything you desire. When I see this in a colleague or a friend, I like to remind them of their power and the gifts that they have to offer this world. I like to support them in achieving their goals by inspiring them to look at the bigger picture of this beautiful life we live. This motivates me to be the best I can be, so I can show others that anything is possible. Couple this with the fact that my son is my entire world and I want him to know that you can do or be anything that you want — well, that’s the icing on the motivation cake!

What is one piece of advice you want women to hear? 

You are worthy! You are worthy of welcoming abundance into your life; through your connections, your hard work, and your mindset. Don’t ever let anyone put boundaries around you by feeding limiting beliefs. You set the boundaries for yourself but be sure to be flexible if there’s an opportunity to welcome in all you desire!

Join the OWA in celebrating Katie and the other 2022 award nominees at the OWA’s Champagne Breakfast at Vision Expo East. RSVP Today

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