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Get to Know Emerging Leader Honoree, Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Dr. Jennifer Stewart and her family at Disney

Company: Founder/Owner at OD Perspectives, Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer at Performance 20/20, and Partner at Norwalk Eye Care

Years with the OWA: 1

How/why did you first get involved with the OWA? I was so inspired reading about the mission of the OWA and how it exists to support women. I was also looking to network and meet women in the optical industry outside of optometry.

What would you say to other ODs or practice employees when they ask why they should join the OWA? Joining the OWA has been one of the best decisions I have made. It is so refreshing to interact with women in all different roles and learn so much about the companies we work with. I always come away energized and excited from all the meetings and events and feel like I am part of this amazing group of women who are always looking for ways to help me be better.

What does winning the Emerging Leader award mean to you? What an incredible honor this is! To be considered an Emerging Leader by such a strong, powerful group of women is one of the biggest honors of my career. I look forward to continuing to represent the OWA in Optometry and continue to develop my leadership skills.

What motivates you at work or on a personal level? I am truly always looking at ways to grow and learn. As an optometrist, I strive to make my office experience more incredible every day and am always working to be more efficient and effective in the exam room. As a business owner, I’m always looking to improve and see what we can do better. I love to learn, and am always reading books on personal development, business, finance, and leadership.  I’m also currently enrolled in a course through the Disney Institute to learn more about creating experience. Athletically, I love a challenge. I was a Division 1 college track and field athlete, and have been a competitive triathlete and endurance athlete. Most recently, I switched gears and now am an Olympic weightlifter. I love to challenge myself to do new things, which keeps life exciting and fresh!

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work? My family (2 boys), Olympic weightlifting, running, the beach, reading, & Disney!

What is one piece of advice you want women to hear? As a Disney fan, I live by, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  No matter the goal, dream, or idea – find a group of people who will inspire, support, and guide you, and anything is possible.  

Join the OWA in celebrating Dr.Stewart and the other 2022 award nominees at the OWA’s Champagne Breakfast at Vision Expo East. RSVP Today

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