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Finding Our Superpower

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In her OnStage Leadership program and Brave Leadership book, Kimberly Davis, challenges you to find your Super Objective. The OWA members who participated in the program—Dr. Beverly Bianes, Kristin Calimlim, Kristen Hopper, Courtney Myers and JaMarie Pfaff—we call it finding our superpower.

We discovered that our superpower is something we have innate in us, it’s a natural gift we can harness in so many different factors, not just as leaders, but in our daily lives. Whether it be with our families or with our teams we have this superpower, we’ve always had it, we just had to recognize it. Now that we recognize it, we can be intentional about using it, and bringing it forward in our day-to-day lives.

To paraphrase a quote Kimberly shared: “I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that makes the climate.”

It not about changing who you are it, is about identifying what is strong within you and amplifying that to be successful. We’ve realized already that we can draw on our superpowers when it gets difficult. We can pause and ask: Am I creating a positive environment? Am I doing exactly what my superpower says? Am I using my superpower in the right way? And when you’re not, you’ll catch yourself very quickly. It’s like a checks and balance for your mind and actions.

Take A Pause for Yourself

The OWA Leadership Scholarship created the opportunity for us to participate in this program, and it was opened to all OWA members. Taking a day off from our multi-tasking world to concentrate on ourselves, and the other people that were involved in the program, re-energized us. If you are given an opportunity like this, take it. It made some of us uncomfortable, and there were moments we were nervous and uncertain, but in the end, we discovered our superpower that will make a lasting change in our lives.

We’ve committed to continuing our journey of self-reflection by reading the Brave Leadership book where Kimberly shares her journey of being able to find her superpower and we are regrouping in three months to check-in with each other. Reach out if you are interested in joining us and look for an update on how we are harnessing our superpowers!

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