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Congratulations Class of 2022 Graduates!

Student in graduation gown and cap

Congratulations Class of 2022!  The OWA is proud of your hard work and dedication to the optical profession. We look forward to your future successes and being part of the optical industry. Earning your degree is just one part of the career equation. The Optical Women’s Association is here to support you and other women in the optical industry through networking, education, and peer support. Additionally, we encourage OWA members to excel in their chosen way, and by actively welcoming and celebrating diversity and inclusion, we create space for growth and a richer experience for all.

“Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.”-Nora Ephron

As you begin your career, you are now in a position to deliberately manage your career and life. Success is up to you and the steps that you take to continually develop your skillset will help set yourself up for success. One important strategy is building a network of successful women in the industry. Your network can help you gain skills and knowledge for how to create the career you have worked so hard to achieve. Invest the time in building relationships with your colleagues and be realistic that it will take time to build trust and your professional reputation. You will also need to develop your plan for lifelong learning to continue your growth and development as the profession rapidly evolves.

OWA members work diligently to create visibility throughout the eye care community in an effort to raise the level of awareness of the multi-faceted roles and contributions made by women in our industry. These efforts are supported by the programs offered by our organization, which include networking events, annual award programs, membership directory, virtual member events, webinars, and mentoring tools.

Becoming an OWA member opens up opportunities like:

  1. Mentorship

  2. One-Minute Inspiration Emails – Quick Tips For Growth and Development

  3. Professional and Social Networking

  4. Job Board Access and Opportunities

  5. Invitations to Annual Events

  6. In-person and Virtual Networking Events

  7. Annual Magazine Subscription and Book Selection (Check out this year’s book selections)

  8. Industry Recognition and Awards

  9. Opportunity For Serving on Committees

We invite you to become members of the Optical Women’s Association and for the rest of 2022 provide you with the student membership rate. At checkout, please use code STU22 for this discount.  Membership in the OWA is open to all women in the optical industry.

Congratulations Class of 2022!  We expect great things from you!

Written by: Sandra Mohr

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