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Top 3 Favorites on the OWA Talks Podcast

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Juggling busy work and life schedules means it’s hard for many people to make time to listen to professional development, coaching, or other inspirational discussions. OWA Talks was created to share short podcasts on trending topics when schedules permit and feature influential leaders in the optical industry to help you in your career or inspire you in daily life. This connects to the OWA mission of supporting and promoting professional and personal development of women in all facets of the optical industry. 

Here are three of the most listened to OWA Talks Podcast episodes:

Understanding the Industry with Dr. Millicent Knight

The 2020 OWA Pleiades Award Winner Dr. Knight joined the podcast and shared some of her perspectives about how she sees the optical profession moving forward.  Listeners were challenged to understand the industry that we are working in and realize that yesterday is not today, and today is not tomorrow!

As she was growing up, Dr. Knight wanted to be her best by helping others see their best, a mission she has kept throughout her successful career.  

She also offers tips to listeners around being proactive and preparing yourself for disruption and changes coming your way.  Getting out in front of things allows you to help shape and create the future.

“Look for ways to continue to grow and become the best you can be throughout your career. “ -Dr. Millicent Knight

Food for Thought with Dr. Beverly Bianes

Many of you may know Dr. Bianes from her years of service to the profession and work within OWA.  She is passionate about creating inclusive spaces through programs such as the ‘Coffee Conversations’ virtual connection series and by creating the “Food for Thought” series to help us connect through a passion and love of food. 

Learn more about her personal experiences and how she created “Food for Thought” to allow OWA members the opportunity to share and experience differences in culture, heritage, and family traditions through the celebration of food.

“As we prepare our food with love to share and nourish one another, our healing can begin.”  -Dr. Beverly Bianes

Innovation Adaptation in Optometric Colleges with Dr. Howard Purcell

If you have ever met Dr. Purcell, you know how he brings contagious energy and passion into everything that he does. In Dr. Purcell’s Podcast, he provides success strategies to help navigate your career:

  1. Learn from everyone you can; listen, observe, speak, and collaborate.

  2. Take time to research and learn to fill your own gaps.

  3. Surround yourself with successful people.

  4. Pick your battles; you don’t want to be “that” person who wants to argue about everything.

  5. Take chances throughout your career to help you achieve your goals. You will never check all the boxes, but that’s ok.

  6. Build a great team around you and work to have the diversity of thought and experiences that will help you achieve great things.

“Never forget to give back to others; it changes lives no matter what role you play.”  -Dr. Howard Purcell

There are many great podcasts on the OWA Talks platform that you can listen to any time  through the OWA website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, plus other podcast platforms of choice. OWA members Stephanie Espinosa and Sandra Mohr host the OWA Talks podcasts on the last Tuesday of each month. 

Written by Dr. Sandra Mohr

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