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The OWA At Vision Expo West [Photos]

OWA at Vision Expo West

Once again, the industry gathered in Las Vegas for Vision Expo West and from the start to the finish the OWA was there connecting, inspiring, and leading with purpose.

Before the show officially began, the OWA board met and welcomed four new members and our new President, Dr. Lorie Lippiatt, chaired her first meeting with a focus on the future and what can be imagined for the OWA.

Connection Series: The Rally Mentality

Thursday the OWA hosted another sold-out Connection Series luncheon with guest speaker, Shannon McKain. Shannon’s five-step “RALLY Mentality” plan can help anyone define and defeat perceived limitations, whether self-imposed or the result of circumstances. Sponsored by VSP, this event energized attendees and reminded us to get Real about identifying our goals and how we can achieve them. take Action because “nothing happens until something moves”, be a lifelong Learner (including teaching several “volunteers” how to be a cheerleader), focusing on self Leadership, and saying Yes to challenge.

Friday Networking and Raffle

Friday night the OWA hosted the annual Friday networking reception. EyeMed Vision Care sponsored the evening’s refreshments, and OWA sponsors donated items for the raffle and online auction. One of the best events to network and win big in Vegas, the event consistently raises funds to support future OWA programming.

If you attend Vision Expo West to reconnect with long-standing friends, or make new connections, the OWA events are a great place to make it happen.

Article written by Courtney Myers

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