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The ClearVision-Adira Grant Program: Your $2,000 Opportunity


The ClearVision-Adira Grant Program is now accepting submissions, but you may be wondering: Why are the Optical Women’s Association and ClearVision collaborating on this effort to champion women’s achievements and potential in this industry? 

ClearVision’s history with the OWA starts with Mimi Friedfeld, who alongside her husband Fred, started the company in 1949. An active participant in growing ClearVision, Mimi was a founding member of the OWA as well, using her expertise to set an example for other women in our industry. 

It’s that legacy of women leading that helped inform ClearVision’s women’s brand, Adira, which launched in 2023. Designed for every facet of women’s lives, the collection is meant to support them in all stages of their journeys. The brand was founded with a significant donation to the OWA. Part of that gift was intended to fund a grant program to aid in the OWA’s mission to enhance and promote the leadership role of women in the optical industry through networking, education, and peer support.

Building on our respective histories, the OWA and ClearVision are thrilled to introduce the ClearVision-Adira Grant Program, specifically designed to support the burgeoning careers and ambitions of women within the optical industry.


About the ClearVision-Adira Grant Program

This program awards five grants, amounting to $2,000 each, in two rounds of opportunities. The first round is open now. 

  • First Round: Concludes on April 19, 2024, with two grants to be awarded. We are currently accepting submissions — ENTER HERE!

  • Second Round: Scheduled to commence in August, this round will conclude at Vision Expo West, where three additional grants will be awarded.

TO ENTER: OWA members should submit a 300-word essay on their personal or professional aspirations using one or more of the provided prompts. These prompts are designed to reflect the challenges, dreams, and achievements of women in our industry, asking participants to delve into their professional journeys and goals. ENTER HERE

A panel comprised of members selected by both the OWA and ClearVision will review essay submissions and choose finalists. OWA members will then vote on which finalists will be awarded their grant. To ensure a fair and unbiased process, essays will be anonymized during the voting stage.

Join Us in This Empowering Journey

By participating in the ClearVision-Adira Grant Program, members have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on their careers and the broader optical community. We invite you to share your story, your challenges, and your dreams with us.

For those interested in applying or learning more about the ClearVision-Adira Grant Program, detailed information on rules, eligibility, and the selection process can be found on the dedicated ClearVision-Adira Grant Program page

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