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OWA Talks Podcast Hosts Pass The Baton To New Hosts

OWA Talks | Meet the New Hosts!

The OWA Talks Podcast officially launched in 2020 — after over three years, co-hosts Dr. Sandra Mohr and Stephanie Espinosa are ‘retiring’ and handing the hosting duties to new showrunners Carissa Dunphy and Tatiana Stewart! In a special episode of OWA Talks, launching on Tuesday, August 29, you’ll hear from both the departing and incoming co-hosts, as the baton is passed.

Sandra and Stephanie will share insider information about how the podcast got started and why they had to pivot the entire focus of the show. They also discuss sentiments on their favorite episodes and guests, lessons learned, and their favorite OWA memories. They round out their reminiscing by recognizing those who have been instrumental in the success of the show and by sharing what’s next in their careers.

“On behalf of the Optical Women’s Association, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sandra and Stephanie, who created OWA Talks as a way to offer our members more convenient and flexible ways to stay connected during the pandemic,” said Deb Bulken, OWA President. “We’re also thrilled to introduce Carissa and Tatiana as the dynamic new hosts who will usher the podcast into its next phase with fresh energy, new perspectives, new guests, and engaging content that is sure to inspire and engage.”

During the special transition episode of OWA Talks, Carissa and Tatiana will share about why they joined the OWA and their favorite memory thus far from being a member. You will also learn about a new segment they will be introducing to the podcast, and hear their answers as the ‘guests’.

Meet The New Hosts

Carissa Dunphy, ABOC, is a Marketing Specialist at Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA) where she promotes the business needs for more than 12,000 independent eye care professionals nationwide. Carissa has passionately worked in the independent ECP space since 2008, and founded Optician Now, which provides educational resources and optical expertise for opticians. As the Vice-Chair of the OWA’s Communications and Website Committee, and now the OWA Talks co-host, she is thrilled to further contribute to the future growth and collaboration within the industry.

Tatiana Stewart is the Public Relations Supervisor at VSP Vision, where she leads the organization’s Public Relations Team and sets media strategies that will enhance VSP Vision’s brand presence and strengthen its position as a national leader in health-focused eye care. With 15 years’ experience coaching and training executives and C-suite leaders on how to work with and communicate with the press corps, Tatiana makes a great addition to the OWA Talks Podcast. She has a passion for storytelling and a reporter’s curiosity. As co-host she looks forward to asking the right questions to learn the things OWA members want to know from some of the optical industry’s top leaders.

Read more about the new co-hosts of OWA Talks, Carissa Dunphy and Tatiana Stewart here.

Listen To OWA Talks

OWA Talks publishes a new episode on the last Tuesday of each month. Tune in this Tuesday, August 29 for this special episode — listen and subscribe here:

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