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OWA At Vision Expo East [Photos]

OWA at Vision Expo East

You can hear the enthusiasm for an upcoming Vision Expo across the optical industry from coast to coast.

The feelings of excitement begin climbing months before these much-anticipated events. The most recent Vision Expo East was another example of why there’s such eagerness for these celebrations of our industry.

You may ask yourself, “Why should I attend this tradeshow?” Well, it’s simple.

The optical industry is one that is so warm, welcoming, and fashion-forward. The experience begins the moment you walk through the Javits Center doors and are greeted with smiling faces and see eye-catching frames everywhere you look.

The warmth comes from the fact that you can’t turn a corner without seeing someone hugging someone they are excited to run into. Lots of hugs happen here on the show floor, and many more occur at the intimate OWA gatherings.

There is something to be said about the optical industry’s love running thick across so many businesses, large and small, present for this special week-long event. It’s a feeling attendees say is like seeing friends that you can pick up with where you last left off.

OWA Champagne Breakfast Celebrating Women in Leadership

On Thursday morning there’s the OWA Champagne Breakfast, which to many has become the unofficial kickoff of Vision Expo. This year, three amazing women were honored for their hard work and contributions to the optical industry.

You could feel the energy across the room as we celebrated these women and future women to join the leadership force. During this breakfast, Dr. Beverly Bianes received the Pyxis Award, Karen Roberts accepted the Pleiades Award, and Talia Bruno was presented the Emerging Leader Award. The audience loved hearing from these women what forces drove them toward their successes. It truly was an impactful start to the day.

Attending this event allows for opening networking doors across the optical industry. If you plan to attend Vision Expo East in the future, this should be on your bucket list of must-do’s. Where else would you see pillows with the faces of the award recipients on them?

Annual Star Award Cocktail Reception & Networking Event

On Friday, OWA hosted the Annual Star Award Cocktail Reception & Networking Event. This gathering is another worth attending for the joy of connecting off the show floor. The faces say it all when you strut through the event, and green was definitely a common theme with this year’s gathering occurring on St. Patrick’s Day. The event is full of fun and encouragement.

Whether you go to catch up with optical friends, learn what is new from a former colleague, or discuss business needs you can partner together on, this is a great place to make it happen. It’s a brief evening event to celebrate both members and hopefully future OWA members to join a network of like-minded women with a similar goal.

Career Zone Student Lounge

On Saturday afternoon, OWA members, students, and young professionals were welcomed to attend a moderated presentation on Life, Work, and Balance in the Eyecare industry. The event was dynamic as we heard from leading optical companies such as MyEyeDr, National Vision, Vision Source, Walmart, and Warby Parker. Students were engaged and listened in to hear what these organizations offer to professionals seeking opportunities in the eyecare field.

The cherry on top was the opportunity to enjoy ice cream and socialize with companies attending the event.

All in all, OWA had great attendance at these exciting events and so much positive feedback for how energy-packed each activity was. Well, that’s a wrap, and we hope to see you again next year.

Written by: Madalyn Moeller

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