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Optical Accessories: Eyeglass Cases

Accessories including an eyeglass case

When you think of fashion accessories, you probably think of necklaces, purses, scarves, or earrings, but eyeglass cases…that’s probably one of the last things that comes to mind. When most people buy a new pair of glasses, they use the case provided at pick-up, and never give it a second thought. Honestly, a lot of consumers probably don’t even know that upgraded eyeglass cases are sold as a retail item.  Free giveaways or eyeglass vendor provided cases seem to be the standard today.  While these get the job done, with a quick online search or a stop at your local optical retailer, your case game can completely change; and you can walk away with a new fun accessory for less than the cost of your morning breakfast.

Luckily in today’s fashion-forward market there is definitely a stylish case for everyone, regardless of their personal style or preference!

If You’re Always On The Go

Someone always on the go is looking for something that is compact yet holds everything they need. This case is two sided and allows the on the go person to easily transport glasses and contacts in one case. This is ideal for everyday travel or a trip.

Cases like these are great for trips since they allow multiple pairs of glasses or sunglasses to be taken, but don’t take up as much space as single cases would.

Trend Conscious

Those who are trendy don’t want to be tied down to something basic. They are looking for a print or pattern to match their mood, outfit, the season, or the latest Tik Tok trend.

This retro print is perfect for the upcoming warmer months and would be best paired with a pair of round or geometric shaped frame which can really bring the whole 70’s vibe together.

Florals are always a crowd pleaser.   A mix of colors like the one here, allow the trend conscious to pair their case with a variety of different accessories.


The eco-friendly one likes new things, but only if they aren’t wasteful.  Lucky, sustainability is huge in the optical scene right now.

Cases made of recycled materials like cork or plastic is where the world is headed — they make a positive impact on the environment along with the fun of a stylish new accessory.


The classic stylist wants their case to be cute and will switch it up occasionally. They like quality and will seek out a case that is a step above the free case given away at most optical retailers.  They seek versatility and detail.

Cases like these are subtle yet offer just a little something extra, whether it be a cute image of a pair of glasses on the cover, or classy stitching, they offer just a little something extra which will excite anyone into purchasing a new one.

*The above links and photos are meant for reference only and are in no way meant to promote product from any specific retailer or vendor

Written by Heather Bethel

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