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New: Fireside Chat Virtual Events

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Some of the great benefits of OWA membership include making new connections, exploring fresh opportunities, and expanding your interests. For 2022, the OWA has evolved what originally were the OWA Advisory Groups into the OWA Fireside Chats.

OWA Fireside Chats will provide an opportunity to make and grow new connections. These are events designed to gather and network to grow both personally and professionally all while having some fun. Members have expressed interest in having more opportunities to network and chat with other members of the organization. The new Fireside Chat events will be a combination of the Advisory Groups that were offered in 2021, covering various topics and providing an open discussion format versus a speaker presentation, allowing for connecting on a personal level. It’s an opportunity for new members to join a networking group that fits a wide variety of interests. 

The Connection and Enrichment Committee is hosting the first Fireside Chat on Tuesday, August 9th focusing on the topic of Empowerment for your personal and professional growth. Register Now.

Get to Know Your Fireside Chats Leads:

Kathy Cruz OWA Member Since: 2019 Company: Cruz Consulting What I Love about The OWA: This group of amazing women has given me the opportunity to collaborate, share, and network in an industry we all love. It has also given me the opportunity to enhance relationships, meet women from different facets of the industry, and meet some great women who I now call friends. I have also enjoyed being part of the Communications and Enrichment Committee, contributing to personal and professional growth of the organization.

Karen Michaelson OWA Member Since: 2009 Company: KARE Consulting, LLC What I Love about The OWA: This platform has brought me so many amazing industry relationships and some very special friends I never would have met. My passion to share my eye care background, love for mentoring, and teaching those joining our industry is so much easier with the OWA networking opportunities.

Mary Lanning OWA Member Since: 2018 Company: Zyloware What I Love about The OWA: The OWA has changed the narrative among women in our industry. It continues to promote friendship and community between a diverse group of optical professionals of all levels. I have incredible mentors and the pleasure of mentoring others thanks to the OWA. The events, education, and networking opportunities are unique in promoting support, connecting new friendships, and inspiring new ideas. I am so grateful for the Optical Women’s Association.

Liz Friedfeld OWA Member Since: 2012 Company: ClearVision Optical What I Love about The OWA: I love meeting, connecting with, and learning from super passionate and bright women with varied perspectives. My personal and professional networks have grown tremendously because of my involvement, and the benefit I receive grows exponentially with what I contribute. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Connections and Enrichment committee which allows me to share my passion for creating new experiences with others.

RSVP for the first Fireside Chat on Tuesday, August 9th focusing on the topic of Empowerment for your personal and professional growth.

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