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Most Influential Women In Optical OWA Members

Congrats OWA Members | Vm 2022 Most Influential Women in Optical

This year marks Vision Monday’s 20th annual Most Influential Women in Optical report. Over the past two decades they have profiled hundreds of women who have changed the face of optical for the better.

This year’s request for nominations was structured to expand the scope of women recognized in the report, who make leadership contributions throughout the ECP, retail, supplier, lab, managed care and association landscapes.

Readers were asked to make up to three nominations per the following categories: Above and Beyond, Executive Suite, Rising Stars, Mentors and Innovators.

Vision Monday received over 300 nominations from its readers for the 2022 MIW Report. Vision Monday’s editors reviewed all of the submissions and selected the final 46 for the honors this year.

Check out these OWA members who are included in this year’s Vision Monday Most Influential Women in Optical list: 

Above and Beyond

Women who have led the way in giving back to the industry, their patients, and their communities.

Pascale Desroches

Head of Marketing – Essilor Canada

Montreal, Canada

“I always take the perspective of the consumer and client, wondering how to better answer their needs and enhance their experience. Fostering authentic curiosity for projects, research and people is a strong enabler of growth.”

Executive Suite

Women who hold positions such as President, VP, CEO, CFO, CIO, or COO.

Dee Berghuys

Vice President Operations – Charmant USA

Morris Plains, New Jersey

“Remain curious, take inspiration from those around you and maintain a positive outlook. It’s a great industry with a lot of talented people.”

Katy Hanson

Chief Marketing Officer – Eyemart Express

Farmers Branch, Texas

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share new ideas. Curiosity is the foundation of innovation. Your experiences and perspectives are unique and could result in a new ‘pathway to yes’ that drives incredible results or makes processes more efficient.”

Kathy Melita

Vice President & Corporate Controller – Marchon Eyewear

Melville, New York

“As the optical business continues to evolve, be flexible and look for opportunities to add new skills to your professional tool belt. It is important to continue to grow, stay fresh, and be nimble so that you are equipped to deal with the level of change in the industry.”

Shondra Pistone

Senior Vice President, Operations – Keplr Vision

Bloomington, Illinois

“I am a firm believer that you learn from every single person you encounter. As a woman in this industry, you can make a huge difference by learning both what to do and what not to do from leaders you encounter. Build your toolbelt with all of your learnings and push yourself at each step along the way. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.”

Kristen Tischler

Vice President, Global Marketing – Advancing Eyecare

Jacksonville, Florida

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Be curious. Ask questions. Say ‘yes’ to opportunities, even if it’s uncomfortable.”


Women who are team builders and developers of talent.

Sue Barry

Regional Vice President – Walman Optical

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“The optical industry has been life changing for me. I’ve found you need to be willing to learn, to work on the front line and develop new skills, take management/business courses and be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone to try new things.”

Reagan Colpitts

OWA Digital Marketing Committee

Business Development Manager, Independent Channel, North America, Safilo

Montreal, Canada

“The sales rep’s role has evolved. It’s no longer about showing up and showing your product. It’s about how you will help your account with their business goals and ensure the product will sell. This involves education, marketing and social media support as well as merchandising.”

Lauretta Justin, OD

CEO and Founder of Optometry Divas – Millennium Eye Center

Orlando, Florida

“Before you can be great, you have to be good and before you can be good, you have to start. If you’re waiting until you have everything figured out, you may never start.”

Abby Kinder

VP, ECP Sales – Essilor

Dayton, Ohio

“I am inspired daily by our customers and my team. Everyone is united in purpose to help the world see. I am surrounded by a group of incredibly talented people, not only within my organization but also across the industry, all working in their respective ways to impact our customers and ultimately the patients who benefit most from our innovation in products, programs, and services.”

Maria Petruccelli

Senior Director, U.S. and Canada – Hoya Vision Care

Lewisville, Texas

“I would give this advice to anyone; focus on the skills you have and don’t worry about what you think is missing. Always get involved and actively contribute. The accumulation of your experiences from getting involved, working with others, making mistakes and scoring some successes will always be a foundation you can draw upon.”


Women who have initiated new products, programs, or ideas marking success.

Carissa Dunphy, ABOC

Vice Chair – OWA Communications & Website Committee

OWA Digital Marketing Committee 

Founder – Optician Now; Optician – Monroe, Washington

“Don’t let a lack of resources slow you down, go out and find them. Whatever you’re needing, it’s out there for you. Join online forums or groups, be a part of associations, and help others. In turn you will be helping yourself—a rising tide raises all ships.”

Amanda Rights, OD

OWA Digital Marketing Committee 

Optometrist, Founder and Creative Director – SimplifEYE Social, OptomEyesLife

Boone, North Carolina

“I have dual backgrounds in both art and optometry, which gives me the unique skills, perspective and experience needed to expertly create eye-catching designs and informative content for the eye-care industry. I love that I get to flex my creativity while also incorporating my passion for eyecare and eyewear.”

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