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Make Your Choice – OWA’s 2023 Book Selection

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Each year, OWA members get to choose one book from the curated selection as benefit of their membership. Not only is this is one of the most valued OWA member benefits, but we also learn which books industry leaders are reading and recommending.

Balancing professional development and growth is important to your continued career success. Making time to read and focus on your development can help you to learn new ideas or concepts, spark creativity, expand your vocabulary, and broaden your perspectives in a variety of areas.

This year there are 3 diverse choices to select from:

Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less

By Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz

Brevity is confidence. Length is fear. This is the guiding principle of Smart Brevity, a communication formula built by Axios journalists to prioritize essential news and information, explain its impact and deliver it in a concise and visual format. Now, the co-founders of Axios have created an essential guide for communicating effectively and efficiently using Smart Brevity.

Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results

By Rob Biesenbach

This book offers a practical roadmap to crafting and delivering more powerful, persuasive stories that you can use to get more of what you want out of your career and your life. Study after study confirms that stories have unparalleled power to break down walls, build trust, and influence people to act. More than facts and data alone, stories are fundamental to capturing and expressing our ideas, wishes, and beliefs . . . and getting the results we want.

The right story can help you: nail a job, interview, earn a raise, close a sale, build trust with an employee or colleague, strengthen relationships with customers, become a more comfortable networker, win over a skeptic, rally a team, align people with a strategy, promote your brand, raise a toast, deliver a eulogy, and more.

She Thinks Like a Boss: Leadership: 9 Essential Skills for New Female Leaders in Business and the Workplace. How to Influence Teams Effectively and Combat Imposter Syndrome

By Jemma Roedel

Discover how to become an effective woman in leadership — even if you’re shy, avoid conflict at all costs, or lack confidence. Do you find it difficult to express yourself during work meetings without being hostile or apologetic? Perhaps you’re tired of coming home feeling frustrated because you didn’t speak up at the meeting, or maybe you feel as though, no matter what you try, people just walk all over you. Are others getting promoted, given better assignments, and enjoying pay raises even though you know your skills and results are just as good, if not better?

In She Thinks Like a Boss, here’s just a fraction of what you will discover:

  1. What successful women in leadership are doing — and how you can copy them

  2. What imposter syndrome is, and how to FINALLY defeat it

  3. Essential strategies for overcoming the fears that are holding you back

  4. Why having a great team is the foundation to every business success (and how to build yours)

  5. A blueprint for optimizing your team and the outstanding results it can produce

  6. The 4-step communication model for setting strong boundaries

  7. The rules of negotiation — and how to use them to get what you deserve

Which book will you be selecting this year?

If you have not yet ordered your book, log in to your OWA account and place your order here.  Make your selection before Monday, August 15, 2023.

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