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September 2020 : Explore the 2020 OWA Committees

By Carrie Chambers, Communications Committee Member
OWA Committees

Looking for support and connection in today's challenging times?

The OWA committees work together to accomplish our mission of enhancing and promoting the leadership role of women in the optical industry through networking, education, and peer support.

See the opportunities for involvement below, learn more, and contact a committee chairwoman to join! Click here for more information on any of the seven committees, including contact email addresses.

Communications & Website Design Committee

These two committees recently joined together to meet bigger goals. The communications side of things creates the OWA newsletters and other communications pieces and the website design side of things works hard to make sure the OWA's website is easy to navigate, beautifully designed, and packed full of all the valuable information and resources members need.

Connection & Enrichment Committee

This committee is comprised of members who share their processional insight in different ways, like everyone's favorite One-Minute Inspiration email blasts.

Digital Marketing Committee

This committee is charged with infusing new excitement into the overall online and social media presence of the OWA and keeping that excitement alive throughout the year. Their goal is to make sure that everyone who interacts with the OWA online gets a real feel for what the association is about and why they should get involved.

Events Committee

Yes, events still happen, and now more than ever virtually in times of a worldwide pandemic. This committee organizes networking events, Connection Series professional development seminars, and more, covering the logistics behind the planning of a successful event.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops new ways to keep our members supported, inspired, and coming back for more.

Nominating Committee

This committee thoughtfully considers each nomination for board positions and encourages members to take a more active role in the directing of the OWA by accepting leadership positions.

Professional Development Fund Committee

This committee ensures the future of the OWA by building partnerships with generous benefactors and creating the blueprint for the financial growth of the OWA.

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