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May 2020 : Pure Inspiration: Who is the OWA's 1000th Member?

By Carrie Chambers, Communications Committee Member
Utenzi Miller

Late last year, the OWA welcomed its 1000th member — Utenzi Miller.

She is a social media influencer, third-generation optician, eyewear concierge, and an Eyecare Business magazine 2019 Game Changer awardee who was highlighted in the November / December 2019 edition of Eyecare Business. The OWA is thrilled to have her in the ranks of our membership.

"I am humbled that my efforts have been recognized," she says. "It's GREAT to be the OWA's 1000th member!"

Ms. Miller has spent her life in eyecare. As a small child in New Jersey, she spent weekends watching her grandparents working as opticians. When she entered high school in 1987, she began working alongside her mother in their optical store after school.

She never questioned her calling into eyecare — she always knew what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be doing it. For her, it's a blessing to have had a legacy to fulfill.

As an entrepreneur and optician, Ms. Miller says her role is to educate her clients on the best optical lenses and eyewear, based on their needs. She also aspires to be an inspiration to young women looking to find their purpose.

Mostly, Ms. Miller is amazed that through eyecare and social media, she can connect with people around the world on a personal level. She enjoys sharing what she loves and enjoys that there are so many people who also enjoy taking the ride online with her every day.

Finding and participating in a community is more important than ever. For Ms. Miller, being a part of social media gives herself and other people a voice, allowing positive impacts on others. "When we band together and use our voices collectively, we can make impactful changes that matter," she says. "The community is waiting!"

During this worldwide pandemic, navigating through the uncertainties and anxiety of each day can be overwhelming. Ms. Miller shared some personal advice with us that rings true now more than ever. She encourages all women to appreciate what we do have and do more with our current gifts. We all have capacity, strength, talent, and ability, but so often, we don't celebrate those things and instead we criticize ourselves for what we perceive are our shortcomings. Her blueprint for life is to tap into what you do have!

If you haven't met our distinguished 1000th member in person yet, be sure to at least follow her on Instagram.

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