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One-Minute Mentor - 07-17-2017 :
Time, What is Time?

By: Megan Schultz

Time, what is time? What would we all do if we had more time? Almost every day you can hear someone say "Oh, if only there were more hours in the day." but what would we do with those hours? Would we fill them up just like we do all the other hours, or would we learn to take time for ourselves? One expression that has always stood out to me is take the time to make the time.

Personally I am big on being one step ahead. To me this means taking two hours on Sunday night to meal prep so you can make the time to sit down and eat breakfast in the mornings. Instead of scrambling around worrying about what I'm going to eat for breakfast and lunch, I have already taken the time to cut out the stress. These are some of the easiest things to do to stay one step ahead:

  • Make a to do list. Electronic or paper, it will help you stay on point and set your priorities. If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it right away or put it on the list. Carrying out your list can help you feel accomplished and keep you on track.

  • Be on guard of over scheduling yourself. By keeping a calendar handy whether it be on your phone or a desk calendar, it will help you keep your schedule full (but not too full). It also makes it harder to double book your time. Don't forget to schedule time for yourself and remember; it's okay to say no.

  • Preparation is key! I know meal prepping and snack prepping can be very time consuming. Especially with a large family. Now I'm not saying that you can realistically prep lunch and dinner for a family of 5+ every Sunday night. However, by keeping that calendar and list handy it's easier to at least have an idea of what nights everyone will be home and who's going to need lunch or an afterschool snack.

By taking the time to set myself up, I have found my stress level drop and my productivity sky rocket! There will always be curve balls and unforeseen events that can really throw a wrench in even the most perfect plan. No one can plan for that. However, by staying at least one step ahead when we fall behind it makes it easier to handle those curveballs.

Megan Schultz is Help Desk Operator at Walman Optical. You can reach her at .

Inspirational Quote

"All great achievements require time."

Maya Angelou

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