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May 2020 : The Quarantine Chronicles: OWA BODs Share Survival Tips


The OWA's Board of Directors share their best, most supportive survival strategies for mind and body during the Covid-19 crisis and its time of social distancing and stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders.

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Robyn Crimmins, OWA President + VSP, Division Vice President, Ophthalmic West

For Christmas, my husband got me a Peloton. Who knew it would be such a lifesaver?! I'm thankful for being able to escape on my bike right at home or do a yoga class. Newly introduced they now offer cardio dance classes, which are so much fun, a great workout, and a surefire way to get an eyeroll from my teenager. No matter what your favorite mode of at-home exercise, moving your body is the secret to getting through this! [P.S. Peloton is offering a free 90-day trial period to stream all of their yoga, cardio, strength, cycling, and meditation classes.]


Lorie Lippiatt, Salem Eyecare Center, Inc., President

My best COVID-19 survival tactic has been the discovery of my yoga studio live filming a yoga class each day, then posting it on the Mindbody app for everyone to take advantage of. The opportunity to see "my" instructors teaching the virtual class, even while doing the class while watching on my iPad at home, has been comforting.


Pamela Capaldi, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Director of Professional Services

Best RE-discovery — Retro Aerobics: Way back in the 80s I was an aerobics instructor at Mademoiselle Spa (remember it, anyone?). Jane Fonda's workout video was all the rage! The outfits we typically wore to show off our slender aerobicized physiques are now actual Halloween costumes! My daughter and I have taken to clearing the furniture from the living room and YouTubing Billboard's greatest 80s hits. You will find us doing retro-aerobics to "Beat It" (Michael Jackson), "Celebration" (Kool and the Gang), and Madonna - to name a few. Do you know what the #1 work out song was in the 1980s? "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John! So, not only have we been getting physical, jumping around our living room, but the hysterical laughter that we share is worth more than the elevated heart rate!

Pam's Suggested 80s Music Playlist


Janelle Pauli, Vision Web, Sr. Marketing Manager

Currently Reading: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. It's a series of short stories and essays so it's great for stepping away from the computer when you need a break. Favorite Subscription Box: Book of the Month Club. They pick five new releases for you to choose from each month. A great way to get access to new reads, especially while stores are closed! Plus, you can add on extra books from past months if you're a fast reader.

Book of the Month

BONUS FITNESS APP: My favorite app for customizable small-space workouts: Nike Training Club (Bonus: access to premium workouts is free right now!)

Nike Training Club


Erinn Morgan, PentaVision, Eyecare Business Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director

Mother Nature and H2O have been life savers in this challenging time, and after a run or bike ride on the trails behind my house I have been retreating to a warm bath with Goop's Emotional Detox bath soak.

Goop's Emotional Detox

BONUS HOMESHOOLING HACK: With my 10-year-old daughter now homeschooling, she and I have been cooking a lot together. She is learning how to make everything from Jambalaya to Blueberry Crumble Bars with the Raddish Kids Cooking Club subscription kit.

Raddish Kids Cooking Club

Carol Wilbur, Optical Women's Association, Executive Director

Recently, I have been calling or emailing people that I've been out of touch with — old colleagues and long-time friends. I'm also taking daily walks where I call and check in on one person to see how they are, ask if they need anything — i.e. my hairdresser 😊, older neighbors, family members.

BONUS READING TIP: I'm re-reading some fun favorites:



Megan Molony, National Vision, Inc, Sr. Vice President, Merchandising

There's no better stress reliever than the love of a pet! In my case, my 65-pound goldendoodle is one of the best companions for my family during this time. We love to follow "Thoughts of Dogs" (@dog_feelings) for funny insights into what our dog is thinking!

Thoughts of Dogs on Twitter

BONUS READING TIP: I also LOVE to read outside in the fresh air. A couple of my current favorite reads are: Where the Crawdads Sing and Educated. These will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Deborah Myres, Visual Inspirations, Owner

During our sheltering in, I have turned to one of my passions- baking! Imagine Creme Brulee as a Magic Cake and celebrate your time together!

See the Recipe

Tiara Claxton, OWA Past President, Thélios LVMH Group, Southwest Regional Sales Manager

I have been cooking homemade pizza, flan, and candying a really interesting fruit I grow in my yard — Buddha's Hand. If you've ever tried making candy you know how difficult it is to cook to perfection. I learned the art of candy making from my grandmother, Sadie Spring, from Wichita, Kansas.

In this video, I show the candy-making process from start to finish. The hardest part is cutting up this beautiful fruit to make the candy! Key points to keep in mind are:

Enjoy this video and remember you can do this with any citrus. Stay safe + healthy — and eat your citrus!

Video Production: Tiara's son, Christopher

Jan Cory, I-Deal Optics, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

I love the daily email from NYTimes Cooking!

NYTimes Cooking

BONUS PUZZLING TIP: Order a BIG 2,000-piece puzzle to complete while you're watching the three seasons of OZARK.


Deb Bulken, Luxottica, Regional Sales Director

During this extremely busy, non-busy time, I have been seeking to spend quality time with my 85 year old father or my new grandbaby, Miss Palmer Lee who is three months old now! While my Dad and I can only stay connected by phone (He is not that up to speed on Zoom or Facetime!) the long conversations we have had will always be cherished, long after this pandemic is over. Time with Palmer Lee has been so extraordinary. Thankfully, living right around the corner has allowed us to be in the same quarantine "club"! It is easy to tune everything out when you are looking at your very own circle of life! It has been so rejuvenating! I'm taking walks I never would have taken, listening to Soundscapes to relax, taking naps, breathing deeper as I watch her belly rise and fall as it is supposed to! This has given my daughter little breaks here and there to get into a new routine and prepare for going back to work during these uncertain times! I didn't get to enjoy all this amazing technology when I was having my children, but they are Palmer tested and approved!

Skip Hop Tropical Paradise

For new parents, the current life savers are:

Firefly Distillery

Finally, my Regional Sales Manager, Adelin Sadikovic went out to the local vodka distillery and scored some hand sanitizer for us.

It takes a village people! Stay healthy and connected to those that matter most!

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