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November 2018 : How We Can All #DoMore? A Q & A with Holly Rush

Jennifer Sommer, OWA Communications Committee
Jennifer Sommer, OWA Communications Committee
By Jennifer Sommer, OWA Communications Committee
(Member Spotlight)

"We can impact powerful, positive change through our connections with other people", says Holly Rush, CEO of Costa Del Mar and the energy behind the #DoMore movement the Optical Women's Association launched earlier this year. "Timing is everything," says Rush, "and the awareness that's been created in the world around us today on diversity, inclusion, and women's rights in the workplace means Our Time is Now."

Here, Rush shares with the OWA what she hopes others take away from the #DoMore message.

What is your #DoMore?

I believe in the power of leadership impact and mentoring. That's why the OWA is the perfect platform for me to get involved and for others as well. At this point in my career, my greatest fulfillment comes from formally and informally supporting other women to help them reach their full potential.

How do you encourage women and men to incorporate the #DoMore message into their interactions with others?

Just start somewhere! Small steps can lead to big impact. Sponsoring a young talent or female leader, spending time to mentor, coach and provide feedback to the members of your team, and expanding your network by participating in the many great events the OWA provides like Tuesday Talks, One-Minute Mentor, or the Regional Events are all easy first steps.

Holly Rush
Holly Rush

What is one piece of advice you would give to working women and men to find the time to give back?

There's never a perfect time to add "one more thing" to your plate. But the rewards and fulfillment that come from volunteering your time to organizations like the OWA that you feel passionately about are endless. The more time I spend giving back, the more energy I have for everything else and the impact can last a lifetime. Bottom line is, the heart always finds a way.

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