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Meet Shweta Gupta!


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Shweta Gupta

Shweta Gupta

Shweta Gupta

Shweta Gupta

Shweta Gupta

Shweta Gupta


My friends call me: Shweta

I am the: Sr. Director, Marketing at Essilor Of America

I joined the OWA in:2016

Words my colleagues use to describe me are:Creative, collaborative, and Zen

The career advice I would give my 18-year-old self is:Your only limitation is you; be brave and do the things you would do if you weren't afraid.

When I think about my career, I'm most excited about:The opportunities to inspire people to dream big, take risks, and maximize their potential.

Daily, I read:At least a page from the set of books on my nightstand.

My theme song is:Brave Song by Sara Bareilles

I recommend:Every time you think you have pushed your limits, push a little more and see the magic happen!

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