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Meet Sarah Fawle!

Sarah Fawle
I am Sarah Fawle
My friends call me:
I am the:
VP, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce at Randolph Engineering
I joined the OWA in:
Words my colleagues use to describe me are:
Results-driven, Passionate Organized and Thoughtful
The career advice I would give my 18-year-old self is:
Enjoy the journey.
When I think about my career, I'm most excited about:
I have had the pleasure of being at the helm of some remarkable brands from luxury sail boat builders like Hinckley’s Morris Yachts to WD-40, and now Randolph Engineering Eyewear. The common thread being the quality of the products and authenticity of each brand. I have been fortunate to select companies that I truly believe in, and for that reason, work hasn't really been 'work' but more a way of life.
Daily, I read:
BBC news
My theme song is:
Oh, gosh, I'm really bad at remembering song titles! Sorry!
I recommend:
- Sailing in French Polynesia - Running the Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes (French Riviera) - The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

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