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Meet Lorinda Fraboni!

Lorinda Fraboni

My friends call me: Lorinda, Ler or Lor

I am the: IS Development & Operations Manager at Walman

I joined the OWA in:1997

Words my colleagues use to describe me are:Driven, practical, fair, direct, sincere, kind, empathetic,

The career advice I would give my 18-year-old self is:Always go the extra mile because not many do and you will stand out in the crowd! Be kind. Stand up for yourself. Speak your mind softly. Don't say NO and put parameters around your YES. Book time for things important to you. Work out and eat healthy.

When I think about my career, I'm most excited about:Coaching my staff to the next level each year no matter where they are in their career. Helping them realize how good they can be if they stretch beyond their comfort zone. Coaching them to be empathetic and understand how important it is to see the impact of their words on others. Also, how to work the most effectively and manage their time so the whirlwind doesn't take over their work lives and they can execute on projects too.

Daily, I read:Tut: A Message from the Universe (positive affirmations), skim the Wall Street Journal and Minneapolis Star Tribune, online blogs about health, wellness, exercise along with anything in the plethora of electronic newsletters I get that catch my eye about Information Systems and business.

My theme song is:Don't worry; Be Happy

I recommend:Reading (not while driving) and listening to books during your commutes. I always have one book on my nightstand and one book in the CD player of my car or on my iPhone. It opens your world and you learn so much! Historical fiction, comedy and personal growth books are by favorite. Something enjoyable... Nothing too tense or scary.

Also, make time to do something physical every day. Walk, cycle, lift weights. We need to stay fit in order to stay healthy while we age. Women NEED to lift weights to help with bone density.

One more thing; eat whole foods (organic when you can) and stay away from ALL processed food. You'll be happier if you're healthier.


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