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December 2016 Newsletter

Maureen Cavanagh, OWA President

It's that time of year again! As we plan our year-end holiday festivities, we also take time to reflect on the progress we have made this year. In 2016, the OWA hosted exceptional events at each of the Vision Expos and honored some amazing women. Congratulations once again to Sue Downes and Ann Englert for their outstanding leadership abilities and for their recognition of women throughout their careers.

While 2016 brought a pivot in leadership, it also allowed opportunities to draw on new insight from our board of directors. We are moving into 2017 with a tremendous amount of momentum and an aggressive roadmap to enhance our value to our members.

I would like to thank all of our board members for their dedication and commitment to the OWA. This undertaking is a volunteer effort, and I am deeply moved by their selfless devotion and invaluable time invested in the organization.

I would also like to thank our Professional Development Sponsors who empower us to provide educational events that further enhance the capabilities of women throughout the optical industry.

Finally, I would like to thank our more than 570 members of the OWA for their commitment to ongoing professional development, engagement and interaction at events, and dedication to networking with like-minded women across the industry.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!

Maureen Cavanagh

Maureen Cavanagh
OWA President

Committee Spotlight — Mentoring
Yvette Carranza, Communications Committee Member
Don't we all wish we had a trusted counselor when we are facing different challenges in our careers? When we enter a new position, jump into a new industry, or have a challenging task on our plate where we could use a little wisdom or guidance? The OWA Mentoring Committee is here to help.
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A Day in the Life: Working Mom (with Babies) Edition
Carrie Chambers, Communications Committee Member
I know that you working mamas out there who have gone before me will read this and remember when you, too, lived this life. As exhausting as life as a working mom with small babies is, I know that this, right now, is the life. This is what it's all about.
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What's Your Passion Profile: Janelle Pauli — Teamwork Matters
Susan Tarrant, OWA Communications Committee Member
Janelle Pauli — marketing manager for VisionWeb in Austin, TX — may go into "beast mode" as she attacks her professional goals, but just wait 'til she gets on the volleyball court!
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New Member Spotlight — Jessica Butler
Brandie Shaw, OWA Communications Committee Member
Thanks to the efforts on the Power of One Campaign we had a great many exceptional women join our ranks in the past few months. Deciding who to select for our spotlight this month was a challenge! It is with great pleasure that we introduce Jessica Butler to the OWA.
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Looking Ahead with the OWA President
Special Q&A conversation with Maureen Cavanagh about the OWA, its membership growth and what we all can look forward to in 2017.
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Welcome New OWA Members!
Michelle Schroeder, OWA Associate Executive Director
The OWA membership continues to grow! We are happy to welcome these 82 new members since the September 2016 newsletter.
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